Over 50 years of passion for wood.


Cuman Umberto & C. srl has combined passion for wood with technology to meet performance, quality, safety and durability requirements.

Windows, French windows and external pedestrian doors have CE marking in compliance with the UNI EN 14351-1standard and have been tested in a notified laboratory for the following performance characteristics:

  • water resistance: ability to prevent water penetration from outside to the inside also with full exposure to rain;
  • permeability: ability to prevent air leakage;
  • resistance to wind load: ability to maintain the functional and safety characteristics in pressure conditions similar to those caused by the wind;
  • thermal transmittance: ability to avoid energy dispersion (heat/refrigeration) across the whole surface of the window, glass included;
  • sound insulation: ability to protect the interior of a building from outside noise.

Shutters testedin a notified laboratory for the wind load resistance requirement, havethe CE marking in accordance with UNI EN 13659.

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