Over 50 years of passion for wood.


Our company pays special attention to the coating phase of the products, an essential process for protecting wood against atmospheric agents, in order to ensure durability of the doors and windows.

This process is carried out exclusively at our workshop by skilled personnel using water-based coatings with limited environmental impact. Innovative coatings that improve the chemical and physical performance of the film, combining resistance to atmospheric agents with transparency characteristics, very important for achieving the natural wood effect.

Each coating cycle, also the lacquer one, includes a first step of impregnation, essential to ensure the durability of any wood species; this is followed by two coats of primer and one or two finishing coats, depending on the cycle.

The coating cycles can be customised according to the wood species and the colour required by the customer.

Our company is also able to provide special finishing cycles such as brushed, natural effect, paint brush effect, two-colour stained-lacquered, oil finish.

For interior doors, we propose finishes with brushing and distressing for the various wood species, in modern and rustic style, different colour combinations and natural effect finishes that enhance the natural look of wood.

wood species

  • Ash
  • Oak
  • Yellow-pine
  • Spruce
  • Cherry wood
  • Walnut
  • Larch

  • Pine


  • Lacquered
  • Open pore lacquered
  • Natural wood
  • Oiled
  • Bleached
  • Wood colour coating
  • Brushed
  • Distressed
  • Saw cut
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